School Bulding

Our school strives to form wellintegrated persons who will transform today’s society. It has takenoath to promote the TOTAL DEVELOPMENT of each person in his / her uniqueness, through integrated physical, emotional, intellectual, moral, spiritual, social and cultural growth in order to make the youth indulge themselves and assume responsibility in bringing about a just and humane society.

In addition our school educates through….

  • Promoting a person oriented education in order to bring out their hidden creative talents and giving them opportunities to grow and develop their potential.
  • Becoming sensitive to the needs,feelings, aspirations, values, problems and hopes of our students,especially to the poor.
  • Fostering a value based education.
  • Providing life oriented education.
  • Enabling the students to enter into growth promoting and meaningful relationships.
  • Instilling in our students love and dedication for our country.

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